We Engineered a Complete Corrosion Protection by providing Manual and Specification and Technical Data requirement to match and meet Clients expectations, desires, service and specific performance. We Procure Quality Product from Reputable Manufacturing, and meet our Clients Budget. We do Installation/Applications and do Inspection to make sure that all Specifications and Procedures are met. We do Commissioning as a final stage before the project is deliver and supply final report in full detail comply to our Client Quality Assurance and Quality Control Program.

Technical Document
We review and updated your Existing Technical Document and or We provided a comprehensive and detail Technical Data and Established new Company Manual according to current and Actual Condition. Applicable for your Maintenance purpose and or New Construction.

Specification Preparation
We assist clients in selecting the proper corrosion method to obtain a specific desired product, assure quality materials and workmanship, to obtain minimum or reasonable costs and to meet all safety, environmental, and legal requirements. We know how to suit and design our Clients need and Tailoring Made Easy Concepts. To obtain Good Practice we provided Specification in which it should be Clear, Correct, Concise and Systematic.

Corrosion Survey
Experience and Certified KPS Inspectors conduct survey whole Plants or Unit, determined and examined where and what kind of corrosion is and record all actual condition and how to control it.
Base on this we provide Recommendation for maintenance projection. We provide all technical data as well as budget estimation

Corrosion Mapping
KPS Professional Engineers conduct thoroughly plant survey in detail.
We are using API RBI 581 concept as a basis for prioritizing and managing an Inspection for maintenance program, where Equipment items to be surveyed are ranked according to their risk. In nearly every situation, once risks have been identified, alternate opportunities are available to reduce the risk. Understanding the Risk we provide many possible approaches depending on the assessment result and level of detail desired.
Independent Coating Inspectors We conduct field and manufacture application inspection for maintenance or new construction projects, from single tank to entire facilities include pipeline coatings, on shore and offshore

We shall start and doing the Installation or Construction properly in the early stage according to progressive plan in the Contract Agreement. Time frame and scheduling from our Clients shall be kept consistent as it is primary important and we are concern and committed to avoid delays which is Costly for both party. The key aspects involved are Human Resources. Therefore, KPS only supply and hiring Qualified personnel, and they were all well Trained, Well Experience, Dedicated, high Discipline and do the work Responsibly. In every project where as KPS involved the only selected personnel we provide to our Client.

As specialist in industrial blasting, coatings, lining, insulation and protections related to corrosion. KPS strategic partnership with some Fabricators for new constructions and Major Refurbishment as well as Partial of the whole of plant maintenance. Supply and apply both of the materials . Our Company’s track record with more then 1,300,000 M2 in the last 7 year, experiences for some world wide Projects in the oil and gas industries such as BP Angola FPSO deep water Program, South Mahakam Premier Oil, MODEC, Bam and Clough , INPEX, Chevron, PNG-LNG ESSO , Total Oil, and others. Supported by our quality management team, quality equipment, qualified personnel we are confident to start to participate PGSC’s projects up to USD 100 million annually in Angola or Worldwide


SIUP 094/02.13/PB/IV/2008 (4 April 2008)

No. C-10861 HT.01.01. Tahun 2005
(20 April 2005) Last Revised No. 04 (2 April 2008)
NPWP 02.430.441.2-124.000
TDP No. dated 4 April 2008

(14 April 2008)
SKT MIGAS No.269/SKT/Daf/DMT/2008 (14 April 2008)
SBU No.12-1257-1005
SIUJK No.1.123098.1275.2.02375/M (2 July 2008)
KADIN No.10201-1235-002295 (7 April 2008)
JAMSOSTEK No.07JB0011 (24 October 2007)

Mr. Tedy Siswanto SE - President Director
Mrs. Yuniawaty Sutomo - Finance Director
COMMISIONER Mrs. Enny Relawaty


Coating Inspector Award
Contractor and Supplier Management
Pre-Qualification Result
Certificate of Qualification CCiPP
Certificate of Qualification and Competency CCiPP

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